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About Us

Your RV Life, a television series dedicated to the recreational vehicle enthusiast, is a result of over fifteen years of listening to other RV enthusiasts talk about their lifestyle.

The concept became concrete when Rodney Simmons, owner of Blue Moon Mobile RV, in Carrollton Texas and long time friend Randall Kinzie, left the offices of a local radio station who were trying to sell Rodney on the idea of a paid program to be broadcast on weekends.

Randall relates in the beginning the concept was barely an idea. "They (radio sales staff) were the first to ever bring the demographics and numbers to Rodney that literally blew us away! We didn't take the deal because there was no way to sell product and services to a population that's travelling through town, but we took a second look and asked ourselves; Why isn't there something on television"

Since that moment, Rodney and Randall never stopped talking about the project, dreaming about the project and planning the series. After several failed attempts of selling the concept and producing video, Rodney and Randall formed a partnership, Mayor Clay Productions, and teamed up with Grant Kauffman, CEO and founder of 12 Rounds Media in McKinney Texas to produce the pilot.

Who We Are

Mayor Clay Production-a partnership between Rodney Simmons of Blue Moon Mobile RV and Randall Kinzie, owner of Stone Village Enterprises, a small business in West Texas. The sole purpose of the partnership is the development of the television series, the first being, "Your RV Life". For more information, contact Mayor Clay Productions via e-mail at, mayorclayproductions@gmail.com

12 Rounds Media-Producer/Director for Your RV Life; with over twenty years of experience in all phases of production and entertainment, Grant Kauffman, who owns and operates 12 Rounds Media, a video production company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area provides all aspects of production of Your RV Life, and serves as a principal in the RV Life LLC. Click on the link to learn more about 12 Rounds Media and the various projects, publications and services they offer. (insert link)

Blue Moon Mobile RV-a mobile service and repair shop in Carrollton Texas since 1996. Rodney Simmons, as President of Blue Moon LLC, has 30 years of experience in complete RV repair. He has also accomplished Master Certification with the RVIA-RVDA. Rodney has been recognized as an expert witness in the State of Texas & Florida. He is a past-chair for the Education Committee for the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association (TRVA). Rodney frequently speaks at RV parks, RV Shows and RV Conventions on what he has experienced as a technician. Rodney and his staff have over 60 years combined experience in the RV industry. Blue Moon technicians are also factory-trained and master-certified technicians.

Click on the link to learn more about Blue Moon Mobile RV Repair and the services they offer. Bluemoon RV

Meet the Hosts of Your RV Life

Rodney Simmons, co-Creator and Executive Producer; Founder and CEO, Blue Moon Mobile RV Repair, Carrollton Texas

Patty Silva, Actress and Co-Hostess, Your RV Life.

Mayor Clay Productions, managing partner;
Co- Executive Producer,
Your RV Life. Independent businessman.

Producer/Director of Your RV Life



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