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Which type of camping stove would be best, gas or propane?

Both fuels make good stoves. The best one for you depends on your preference and the type of camping you plan to do. The white gas stoves will product the most heat of any camping stoves. It burns cleanly without any odor or effect on food taste. If you spill the fuel it will evaporate very quickly and will not leave an odor. Propane does not give out as much heat as the white gas stoves, but propane stoves are much easier to use. The propane comes in bottles that are screwed into the stove, not poured into the tank through a small filler spout. All you need to do to start a propane stove is turn on the gas, and light the burner – just like home. There are even propane stoves with built in electronic starters – just like home. This feature makes the transition from cooking at home to cooking at camp easier for most people. Read our article for more about choosing a camping stove, and learn more about the different choices available.

How do I go about choosing a sleeping bag?

Choosing a sleeping bag is next in importance after your tent. Like your tent, your sleeping bag can be one of many types depending mostly on personal preferences and outside temperature. The shape, roominess and fabric feel should be tried just as you would try out a new mattress at home. Sometimes the weather will be warm and dry, so you might not even need a sleeping bag, just a light cover as you would at home. Other times, the cool night air will dictate a warm bag or combination of warm clothes and warm bag. Read our article for more info about choosing a sleeping bag.

Is it a good idea to take small children camping?

Most definitely. Kids love to learn and kids love to be outdoors. Nature is one of the best places to teach children. There are so many amazing things to see and do. Imagine the excitement of a child when they spot a deer or other type of wildlife. Or their enthusiasm to locate varies items on a hike or scavenger hunt. Or the anticipation of catching their own fish. And how about the creativity they have with leaves, sticks, pinecones etc. when doing outdoor crafts. The list goes on and on. The outdoors is also a good place for them to learn life lessons such as team work, self confidence and self worth, awareness, innovation and the respect for nature and others to name a few. A lot of quality time can be spent with your children in the outdoors.


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