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Patty Silva Bio

Patty Silva, Actress and Co-Hostess, Your RV Life.

Patty is a native of Monterrey, Mexico but has been living in Texas for most of her life. She is an actress and a producer and has vast experience as a spokesperson for many organizations and products. She has been in the acting scene in Dallas, Texas for over 20 years. One of Patty's loves is to explore natural surroundings and she always makes it a point to travel to the nearest state or national park wherever her job or her family vacations take her! She truly enjoys every chance she gets to do her favorite pastime, running, on the trails of any park she can get to. Along with her husband and her daughter, they have grown to love adventure wherever they go! One of her favorite spots is Mt. Rainier National Park in Seattle Washington where she has visited several times and where she always discovers something new while hiking in the woods. As a young girl, she sat at home many times, waiting for her dad to return from his many hunting trips and tell her about the adventures she was too young to experience! Since then, Patty always vowed to go into the world with her voracious curiosity and her ability to find joy and experience awe, every chance she gets.

She has appeared in various television dramas, including an episode in "Prison Break", has done voice over work for video games and has been the principal actress for many commercials and industrial films. As a producer, she has lately been involved regularly in the recording of hundreds of online children books, where she also serves as voiceover talent.

One of her favorite jobs is also serving as a project associate manager at a non-profit organization called Earth Day Texas. Earth Day Texas is a festival that seeks to elevate environmental awareness and influence the way Texans think, live and work. While working at Earth Day, Patty enjoys supporting many organizations that strive to support land conservation and other sustainability projects in the state and around the nation and the world. While doing this, she feels like she is helping the world preserve its beautiful parks and the places that she most loves to visit, especially when she is out rv'ing!

Doing what she loves, being able to travel and see the beauty around the country and spreading her passion for connecting with the earth is something that she happily takes advantage of, when traveling with her companions and cohosts of Your RV Life. It is always a win/win!


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