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Randall Kinzie Bio

Randall Kinzie
Mayor Clay Productions, managing partner;
Co- Executive Producer, Your RV Life.
Independent businessman

Born in Corpus Christi and raised in the mountains of West Texas, Randall has found a path that for years was only a dream. That path is Your RV Life. "I've always wanted to create and produce film or video. Even as a kid in Alpine, I would create skits and plays, along with my friends, to perform for the school."

Randall and Rodney first met in high school back in the late 70's. It was only after graduating, when both found themselves in Houston during the oil boom years of 1978-79, that their friendship cemented and continues to this very day.

"I've always relied on Rodney's intellect and sincerity. We always dreamed the same dreams and shared the same visions, regardless where we were in our respective lives!"

Randall Kinzie's dream was to be known for something! "My goal is to be able to give opportunities to others as I climb the ladder of success. Your RV Life is a dream that is coming together and hopefully the fruit from it will allow me to "pay it forward" while at the same time, satisfying my desire to be part of something special!"

As co-creator and co-executive producer, Randall oversees creative content along with Rodney Simmons and producer/director Grant Kauffman. "We are three in one! A three braid rope is nearly impossible to break, and that's how I function with the others!"

Randall is managing partner of Mayor Clay Productions, who along with Blue Moon Mobile RV (Rodney Simmons) and 12 Rounds Media (Grant Kauffman) have created the vehicle to reach literally tens of millions of RV enthusiast.

Randall (four children, seven grandchildren) resides with his wife, Belinda, in Fort Davis, Texas, where they operate a 30's era renovated motor court and natural food market. Randall holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, and is a former board member on various local and regional economic development boards and occasionally serves as a public speaker for various organizations and community events. His favorite hobby is music: "I love playing music and any time there is an opportunity, I will grab my guitars and gear and take off for the gig!"


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