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Rodney Simmons Bio

Rodney Simmons, co-Creator and Executive Producer; Founder and CEO, Blue Moon Mobile RV Repair, Carrollton Texas

"I stumbled into the RV business in 1986 shortly after the last oil field bust. With a cordless phone, a list of manufactures numbers and a box of tools the owner of the business lent me, I began my career servicing RVs. One evening I had the opportunity to 'ride along' with a friend who worked for Sewell Cadillac on his evening service call shift. I immediately recognized the potential of this rescue service in the RV business!

While working at a local dealership, I brought up the topic of mobile RV rescue services during a staff meeting. It was immediately 'shot down'.

I began working for customers who were not under my "no compete" on the side during weekends at their homes and in the RV parks. Within 2 months people started calling me at work almost daily and I hadn't given my work number to anyone! Within a couple of weeks I left the dealership, along with a partner who would stay employed there until our new business began take off. We named of our new company on July 4th a few hours after my partner had eaten the worm at the bottom of the Mescal bottle. He looked at me and said, "with our luck we'll quit our jobs and it will be once in a 'blue moon' before we ever get another service call." I told him that name sounded good to me and so it was, three days, later, we founded Blue Moon Mobile RV repair

I produced my first video "RV 101" in 1999. The purpose was to educate the enthusiast about all of the details that make a trip enjoyable and this was the next step. There really was no interest in the market so the video went up on a shelf until a producer approached me about being the host of an 'infomercial' for "Coachnet". I hosted the show, along with NFL Hall of Famer, Randy White.

Even during the video shoot, my confidence was not quite where it needed to be, but I really believed in using the venue of video to get to people! Near the end of the shoot, Randy pulled me aside and gave me the greatest encouragement a person could get from someone of his stature and reputation. He said, "Rodney, you're a natural and you should produce a show about RV's!"

A few years have passed since that "Aha!" moment and a lot of tuition has gone to The University of Hard Knocks, possible the most expensive university on the planet earth, but here we stand at the edge of releasing the best RV shows ever produced or directed. Welcome to Your RV Life !
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